Andiappan Yoga Community Continuous Education Program – How to Teach Laughter Yoga to Help Students Destress and Relax on 18 December 2022


A workshop on “How to Teach Laughter Yoga to Help Students Destress and Relax” was successfully delivered by Master Dhiraj last Sunday. Apart from introducing the techniques and tips for teachers to lead a laughter yoga class, Master Dhiraj also shared his experience in how to bring out the physical and psychological benefits of laughter yoga to promote spiritual wellbeing and cultivate happiness among yogis. Collectively, these practices are intended to help participants laugh, let loose, and let go of their daily life stressors while promoting joy and positivity. It is also important for a teacher who is leading a laughter yoga session to guide with a positive mindset and attitude. With 2022 coming to an end, AYC looks forward to organizing the next continuous education program very soon and we sincerely invite you all to join! 上星期日AYC成功舉辦了一場由Dhiraj 大師授教《 ,關於如何教授大笑瑜伽以幫助學生減壓和放鬆的工作坊》。 工作坊除了講解老師帶領大笑瑜伽課的技巧外,還分享了大笑瑜伽對身心的益處,及如何促進瑜伽修行者的精神健康和幸福感。 總括來說,這些練習旨在幫助參與者大笑、放鬆並釋放他們日常生活中的壓力源,同時促進快樂和積極性。 而對於領導大笑瑜伽課程的老師來說,以積極的心態和態度進行指導也非常重要。 2022年即將結束,AYC期待及誠邀大家來參與下一年的AYCCEP 工作坊。