AYC Volunteer Training & Meeting on 27 January 2024


On 27 January 2024, we held a AYC volunteer training & meeting, where we warmly welcomed new volunteer yoga teachers to the AYC family! The meeting provided an excellent opportunity for both new and existing volunteer yoga teachers to interact, engage, and share their experiences with one another. Dr. Yogananth, the founder of Andiappan Yoga Community, shared valuable insights into AYC‘s mission and elaborated on the significance of our work. Furthermore, our dedicated volunteers, Anna and Kinki, shared inspiring stories about witnessing the mental and physical health benefits that students have gained after attending a few yoga classes. They also highlighted the positive impact AYC has made on people in need within our society, along with their own personal fulfilment during their volunteer service. We are grateful to welcome a new group of volunteer yoga teachers to our community, and we eagerly anticipate the participation of more enthusiastic individuals who are ready to serve as yoga teachers. To learn more about Andiappan Yoga Community, please visit our website at https://www.yogacommunity.org. Feel free to spread the word and share this message with others who might be interested in joining us! Thank you! 27/1 我們舉行了一次義工會議,熱烈歡迎新的義教導師加入安迪潘瑜伽聯盟大家庭! 這次會議為新舊義教導師提供了一個相互交流平台、互動並分享彼此的經歷。安迪潘瑜伽聯盟的創辦人Dr. Yogananth分享了對安迪潘瑜伽聯盟使命的寶貴見解,並詳細闡述了我們義教工作的重要性和貢獻。 此外,義教導師Anna和Kinki分享了一些鼓舞人心的故事,講述他們見證了學生參加數堂瑜伽課後在心理和身體健康方面所獲得的益處。他們還強調了安迪潘瑜伽聯盟對社會上有需要的人所帶來的積極影響,以及他們在義教服務期間的個人成就感。 我們再次歡迎新一批義教導師加入我們的大家庭,並期待更多熱心的瑜伽導師加入我們。 要了解更多關於安迪潘瑜伽聯盟的資訊,請到我們的網站 https://www.yogacommunity.org。 歡迎您將這個消息傳播出去,與其他可能有興趣加入我們的人分享!謝謝!