AYC Yoga Class with VTC Youth College (TKO) on 29 May 2023


May! It has been another fulfilling month for AYC as we are embarking on more volunteer projects with different organisations! 29 May, AYC is pleased to have joined hands with the Vocational Training Council (VTC)’s Youth College in offering an elementary yoga session to its students. With energising poses being introduced together with the active enthusiasm of the participants, it has been a fruitful and meaningful afternoon to AYC. We hope all participants have enjoyed the session and AYC is more than excited to serve in its upcoming projects! Please stay tuned! 五月對於 AYC 來說又是充實的一個月,因為我們正在與不同的組織開展更多的義工項目! 就在5月29日,AYC很高興與職業訓練局(VTC)的青年學院合作,為學生們提供初級瑜伽課程。 充滿活力的課堂和參與者的積極熱情使AYC度過了一個富有成果和有意義的下午。 我們希望所有同學都喜歡和享受今次課堂,AYC 非常高興能在其即將開展的項目中服務! 敬請期待!