Recognition by the Kowloon West Youth-Care Committee (KWYCC)


The AYC is delighted to share its recent recognition by the Kowloon West Youth-Care Committee (KWYCC) of the Hong Kong Police Force with members of the community!
Consistent with AYC’s vision to bring accessible yoga to all and to serve the local community through providing free yoga classes, a previous project in collaboration with Juvenile Protection Section of Kowloon West, Hong Kong Police Force in offering elementary yoga classes for a group of adolescents between 10 to 18 years old who are currently placed under the supervision of the Juvenile Protection Section has been organised. AYC is immensely grateful to have received an overwhelming participation and positive feedback from the participants.
Just today, AYC’s work has been further recognised as our director, Dr. Yogananth Andiappan has been invited to attend the 23rd Kowloon West Youth-Care Committee Inauguration cum Gratitude Ceremony, reaffirming the impact and positivity that AYC has brought.
AYC is very honored and humbled to have received such recognition and we shall stand ready to assist and serve further!
Thanks to our AYC volunteers & Project Leader - Cindy Luey for their time, devotion and work!
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AYC 很高興與大家分享其最近獲得九龍西青少年關懷委員(KWYCC)的認可!
與 AYC 的願景一致,為本地社區有需要的人提供免費瑜伽課堂服務,早前與香港警務處西九龍青少年保護組和西九龍護青委員會合作為正在未成年人保護科的監督下的一群 10 至 18 歲的青少年提供初級瑜伽課程。 AYC 非常感謝能參與這個項目。
就在今天,AYC的工作得到進一步肯定,我們的創辦人Yogananth Andiappan博士受邀出席第23屆九龍西青少年關懷委員會就職典禮暨感謝典禮,再次肯定AYC所帶來的影響和正能量。
感謝我們項目負責人 Cindy Luey, 義工們的時間、奉獻和努力!