RTHK AM621 新人類大世界, broadcast on 23/9 (Saturday)


Our Andiappan Yoga Community(AYC) volunteer teachers - Patsy, Fiona & Ken were invited to be interviewed by RTHK AM621 新人類大世界; sharing their meaningful yoga journeys and teaching stories in AYC.

The program will be broadcasted on 23/9 (Saturday) from 10:00 to 12:00. 

For more details about Andiappan Yoga Community, please visit https://www.yogacommunity.org/

Once again thank you RTHK AM621 新人類大世界 to let us share our love in the air.

香港電台 AM621《新人類大世界》節目邀請了我們的義務瑜伽導師 - Patsy, Fiona, Ken 訪問了他們在瑜伽路上的旅程以及義工教學時的感人故事。

節目將於23/9 (星期六) 早上十時至十二時播出,請大家收聽支持當中亦會有重播。

如欲了解更多安廸潘瑜伽聯盟,可以瀏覽以下網頁 https://www.yogacommunity.org

再一次感謝, 香港電台 AM621《新人類大世界》節目,讓我們能夠在大氣電波下分享愛。