2nd International Day of Yoga (2016)

Since 18 June 2016

Financially Accessible Yoga

Anahata yoga, 18/F One Lyndhurst Tower, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
Dr.Yogananth Andiappan
Dr. Yogananth Andiappan is born into a family with a yoga heritage, his father, Dr. Asana Andiappan, devoted his life to uncovering the health benefits of yoga and making this ancient practice accessi...
Yoko Kikuchi
Louise Vas
Mouna Chamariq
Project Status: Completed
Last Updated: 15 September 2022

About this Project:

International Yoga Day is a day to celebrate and bring awareness of yoga to the community. We would like to take this opportunity to raise funds for the Andiappan Yoga Community (AYC) to support the various community yoga projects for the less previleged.

AYC is a non-profit organization run fully by volunteers who are certified graduates of International Yoga Academy. AYC members are committed to sharing yoga with those who may not be able to afford classes, particularly those who have special needs or circumstances such as refugees, single mothers, overseas domestic workers to name a few.

This event will celebrate the first International Yoga Day as well as to raise awareness about the benefits of yoga amongst the people of Hong Kong. It will increase the understanding of “yoga for all” to everyone we are teaching theme based classes.

This event will also honor the volunteer leaders and volunteers who have been actively teaching in our AYC community for over a year. Let us share yoga with our loved ones to understand the benefits and how we can learn to unify the body, mind and soul through the practice of yoga.

To register for classes please call: 2905 1822 or click here for online booking

Venue: Anahata yoga, 18/F One Lyndhurst Tower, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong