Yoga Class for Women with Society for Community Organization (SoCO)

Since 13 May 2022

Financially Accessible Yoga

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Class schedule Fridays 9:45 - 10:45 19/1 - 12/4
Fuk Wa Centre, 1/F, Fuk Kiang Building,208A, Fuk Wa Street, Sham Shui Po
If you are interested to attend the class as a student, please kindly contact: Society for Community Organization (SoCO) at 2713 9165.
Class Schedule Every Friday 9:45am - 10:45am (SoCO ladies) Every Friday 11:30am - 12:30pm Class 1: 19/1 Class 2: 26/1 Class 3: 2/2 9/2 & 16/2 no class Class 4: 23/2 Class 5: 8/3 Class 6: 15/3 Class 7: 22/3 29/3, 5/4 no class Class 8: 12/4
Pamela Yuen Wai Cheng
I completed the 200-hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training with Byron Yoga Centre, Australia in 2015. Following this, I mainly offered private classes in Hong Kong. In order to further deepen my understa...
Law Stella
Pamela Yuen Wai Cheng
Chun Lai Ng
Jasmine Lau
Ho Yi Chan
Vienna Mak
Mo Ching Chan
Jesse Ng
Nancy Ng
Monika Jain
Ka Hei Wai
Cynthia Chan
Natalie Tsin
Chung Ling Anna Chui

Status: On going

Last Updated: 21 Mar 2024

About this Project:

According to the HKSAR government statistics, there are 0.7m households and a population of 1.65m in 2020 living below the poverty line – representing a poverty rate of 23.6%. The government policy intervention as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic alleviated the financial burden faced by the grassroots sector in Hong Kong temporarily. However, the outlook continues to be bleak as the economy will take time to fully recover and the global pandemic situation is still not showing signs of abatement.

Andiappan Yoga Community (AYC) who believe in the benefits of yoga and are committed to sharing yoga with others as a service to the community. The benefit of yoga for the underprivileged group of women, not only can yoga provide them with some form of physical exercise but can also help them relax their minds and develop their own strength and be better engaged in the society.

Andiappan Yoga Community is invited as the Yoga Partner by Society for Community Organization (SoCO) to introduce yoga to a group of underprivileged women (housewives) as a therapeutic and overall physical exercise.

SoCO was founded in 1971 by a group of clergymen and people who cared for the development and campaigned for a fair and just social system in Hong Kong. Currently, SoCO continues to assist the underprivileged (mainly residing in the Sham Shui Po vicinity) including caged-home dwellers, mentally ill patients, non-documented mothers of separated families and new immigrants’ families.

SoCO is presently supporting around 16,000 members (3,000 families) in its 3 community activity centers.

Who are the students in this project?

This is a Financially Accessible class open to beneficiaries of SoCO at their centre.

Interested in volunteering for this project?

Learn more about how to Get Involved as an AYC Volunteer and apply for this project.

女性瑜伽課程 香港社區組織協會



根據香港特區政府統計,2020 年有 70 萬戶家庭和 165 萬人口生活在貧困線以下,貧困率為 23.6%。 由於 COVID-19 大流行而導致的政府政策干預暫時減輕了香港基層部門面臨的財務負擔。 然而,由於經濟需要時間才能完全恢復,而全球大流行形勢仍未出現緩和跡象,因此前景仍然黯淡。


SOCO於1971年由一群關心發展並為香港公平公正的社會制度而奮鬥的神職人員和人士創立。 目前,SOCO 繼續幫助弱勢群體(主要居住在深水坡附近),包括籠屋居民、精神病患者、失散家庭的無證母親和新移民家庭。

SoCO 目前在其 3 個社區活動中心為大約 16,000 名成員(3,000 個家庭)提供支援。


項目: 女性瑜伽課程 香港社區組織協會

課程時段: 2022年5月13日開始

時間: 逢星期五

地點: 福華街辦事處九龍長沙灣深水埗福華街208A-208C號 福江大廈一樓

教學語言: 廣東話

義工導師資格:已完成最少200小時[香港國際瑜伽學院瑜伽教師培訓課程]之 AYC 義工均可申請參與。

感激你的熱誠和參與,實踐 AYC 的使命,分享瑜伽的恩澤。

已登記為AYC義教者, 您可以申請為本計劃教授瑜伽或協助教學。請完成以下步驟:


點擊「My Profile」,然後選擇「Ongoing Projects」;

找到「Yoga Class for Women at Society for Community Organization (SoCO)」,然後選擇「I would like to apply」;


如有興趣參加此活動,請致電香港社區組織協會27138 9165