AYC Peng Chau - Saturdays

Since 02 February 2019

Financially Accessible Yoga

Saturdays, 5 to 6 pm
Students and volunteers, please bring your own yoga mat, towel and water.
Kai Chun Yip
I have learned to be more at ease, use the right energy to do things and expand my capacities in yoga.  I hope to bring these fundamental benefits to others.
Sze Ning Hope Lui
Sonia Koo
Jasmine Lau
Sibyl Tsang
Daisy Eugenio
Po (Nicole) Chang
Tracy Kung
Wong Shirley
Yin Man Carmen Lau
Dr.Yogananth Andiappan
Un Un Wong
Project Status: Completed
Last Updated: 15 September 2022

About this Project:

We are happy to share that AYC classes at Peng Chau are back!

These classes are beginner-friendly and focused on therapeutic poses and sequences. Students can benefit from physical and mental health benefits.

Who are the students in this project?

Our financially accessible classes are open to students who face a financial barrier to learning yoga, with monthly incomes below HK$5,000.

For more information on teaching the overseas workers community, please contact us AYC at official business WhatsApp at +852 6214 8847 (Message only No Calls) or join our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/groups/yac.overseasworkers

For students: Ready to sign up for yoga classes?

Fill up the enrolment form and select this project from the drop-down menu.
You will receive a confirmation email with login details to your AYC account.
Please install the AYC app (Google PlayApp Store) and use the login details to sign in and mark your attendance.

For volunteers: Interested in volunteering for this project?

Learn more about how to Get Involved as an AYC Volunteer and apply for this project.


有興趣申請為此計劃義教之AYC義工:已完成香港INTERNATIONAL YOGA ACADEMY瑜伽教師培訓之ANDIAPPAN YOGA COMMUNITY義工可以申請Get Involved as an AYC Volunt為此計劃義教。

請注意以下教授指引細條, 以保護自己及參加學生

  • 所有學生必須登入 https://www.yogacommunity.org/student-enrollment/,並在AYC 網站上填寫免責聲明後才可上課。義工老師需於開課前,要求同學顯示電子郵件,確認已填寫免責聲明。
  • 義工老師必需妥善安排課堂的大小及同學之間的間距。請保持小班教學以8人為一小組,小組之間亦必需保持最少1.5米的距離。
  • 所有義工老師及同學於上課時必須戴上口罩。
  • 上課前後,請保持適當的個人衛生。
  • 如任何義工老師或學生感到不適或有類似流感的症狀,請不要讓他們加入課堂。